Hamburg, May 23, 2016

EPEA and Michael Braungart present the Cradle to Cradle®-Design Concept at the prestigious 15th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia in Venice from May 28 to November 27, 2016. 87 architects and EPEA are invited to turn this year’s theme “Reporting from the Front” into inspiring installations. They share their story from the frontline to reveal that architecture can make a difference and is able to improve our quality of life.

Additionally, 62 countries introduce innovative projects and concepts in architecture and urbanism at this year’s Biennale Architettura 2016. Up to 500,000 visitors are expected during the six months long exhibition. EPEA is the only representative of the city of Hamburg and one of the few institutions, which represents Germany in Venice.


Theme of the EPEA Exhibition: „Celebrating our Human Footprint“

EPEA’s installation „Celebrating our Human Footprint: A Building like a Tree – A City like a Forest“ shows how buildings can actively clean the air and water, how they can remove fine dust from the air. In many densely populated cities, people lose several years of life expectancy through fine dust – far more than through the consumption of alcohol. In addition, asthma is the most common chronic childhood disease, in many cases triggered by mold in our buildings.


Healthy Homes and Cities

The goal is healthy buildings and cities: passive houses or gas-sealed buildings in which the air is significantly worse than the air outside are a part of the past. With the exhibition, EPEA and Michael Braungart emphasize the possibility to transform conventional architecture into buildings with a beneficial footprint. Buildings can be designed with the positive characteristics of trees: buildings that are useful for people and nature. The exhibition demonstrates why it is important to celebrate our ecological footprint, and not to minimize it. Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart, EPEA’s CEO and professor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, explains the topic of the exhibition: „Many cities want to be carbon neutral by 2050 – how sad. No tree is carbon neutral. With all their intelligence, people want to be less intelligent than trees? To be less bad, we are far too many people in the world. If we learn to make buildings like trees, we could easily be with 20 billion people and live humanely on this planet.“ 

Footprint Days in Venice

Visitors of the Biennale Architettura 2016 are invited to leave their personal footprint during the Footprint Days in the exhibition room: Central Pavilion Giardini – Room K2. Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart will be present as well.

June 24-25, 2016
August 20-21, 2016
September 16-17, 2016
October 28-29, 2016  

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