This research project shows, how buildings could generate a positive footprint with regard to our natural ecosystem. The “nexushaus”, which was designed and constructed in cooperation with the Universtity of Texas at Austin, serves as a showcase for C2C-inspired buildings. The three planning criteria of the C2C-philosophy were implemented into this energy-plus house. Waste = Food
  • Use of healthy and pollutant free building material
  • Biological and technical material cycles
  • Rainwater storage and purification for potable water
  • Greywater recycling to provide garden irrigation
  • Aquaponics system for food production
  Use Current Solar Income
  • 100% renewable energy-use for building operation and e-mobility
  • Energy efficient household appliances and techniques
  • Natural daylight
  • User sensitization through smart home system
  Celebrate Diversity
  • Modular design, flexible and adaptable to various conditions and user requirements
  • Living space for people, animals and plants
  • Attractive building design
  • Disability access
  • Generous terrace space